PFDJ Structures: Its Hardware and Software Network Dissection, Analysis and Thinking Beyond

Part III

PFDJ and its Phobia of Statistics

In several interviews of DIA by the only existing mass media showed his denial to statistics. He has been heard to undermine statistical data in his speech and almost succeed in conveying his message indirectly. But what was his message behind it and why he is phobic to such values? Having these simple but critical questions let me have a glance to some of the statistical data that reveal the life condition of Eritrean population in 2003.

According to the report documented on the food security strategy of the state of Eritrea in 2004, the overview of the poverty situation in Eritrea based on the findings of the LSMS estimate reveals the following stylized facts highlighted;
• 66 percent of Eritreans (or 2.36 million) are poor unable to obtain sufficient food (in terms of calories) and other essential goods and services to lead a healthy life.

  • Approximately 37 percent (or 1.31 million) of the poor live under extreme poverty, i.e., below the food poverty line.
  • About 65 percent of the population in rural areas of the country is unable to obtain sufficient food (in terms of calorie intake) and other essential goods and services.
  • With food assistance, about 53 percent of the population lack access to a minimal basket of consumption goods. Further, the study shows that about 50 percent of households require food aid even in good years, while 80 percent depend on it in years of poor harvests.
  • Poverty incidences show significant variation between Zobas where the Northern Red Sea and Anseba have the highest poverty incidence followed by Southern Red Sea.
  • Urban poverty is more serious than originally thought. About 33 percent of the poor or (0.78 million) live in urban areas. The incidence is more pervasive in small towns with a very high percentage of the population below the poverty line.
  • Poverty is strongly related to lack of basic needs in education (especially literacy level of head of household) and health services and access to cultivable land.
  • In rural areas, the poor households cultivate only 0.9 hectares of land, less than the average of 1.1 ha for each household, are less able to diversify their agricultural production and are thus more susceptible to economic shocks.
  • The poor, in particular the rural poor, have larger families (average of 6 persons) compared to only 4.2 persons for the non-poor. The average family size in Eritrea is 5.1 persons.
  • About 30% of households are headed by women (of which 18% are widowed); on average female employees earn less than half that of males and the majority of poor women in the rural areas are engaged in low-paying manual labor in construction and agriculture. Furthermore, female-headed households cultivate fewer plots and have fewer household assets including livestock than do male-headed households. Rural women are less likely to be literate and numerate and about 40% leave school at an early stage due to marriage. Rural women often do not receive antenatal care and suffer from poor nutrition.

Have a look in this video produced by IFAD

Waw, even for me, I hated this data. They really betray what has been told us on the news media day and night on the progress of the country. How can I accept such tangible facts which exist on the ground if what I listen is totally different? Can I deny by designing a tricky method? Ok, if you agree, I am rejecting this reality by simply ignoring the fact and live on the myth created. … I can see your changing face … that is what PFDJ taught me in the last 14 years. I am doing what I was trained for.
Haha, sometimes I like to talk as a crazy minded guest. Just cool down… I am not to that level of practicing my ignorance and preach to the people.

This is how DIA tried to escape from the fact that exist on the ground and underestimate any statistical data. I remember a well equipped National Statistical Office which started its function the early 2000s being non-functional after 5 or 6 years. Of course, the office has to be closed if it is going to reveal what really exists in the ground.

Let me then give my analysis on this and why DIA has a phobia with statistical data.

There is no secret that PFDJ follows TOP-DOWN instruction of working principle. For this, we have a number of reported facts on the cabinet (ministerial) meetings for the last 10 or more years. The cabinets conduct meetings to receive instructions and guidelines on what has to be done within the given time frame. I said time frame, just to be friendlier with ERI-TV. You know sometimes, accepting what has been told is good for rational analysis; I like that by the way. Because, if I reject from the beginning, then there will not be time to contemplate on what it is said. Anyway, to come back on the main objective, DIA has dreams and this dreams is just generated from his mind, just a dream based on good-intentions (?), -don’t be aggressive, just let it be as I said. Tewsakite do baeley ketsebabikelu [Abeyenay tsibuk timnit keyhilwo mukan eko – just whishpering alone].

… To be continued


Courage and Freedom: Opinion

There are two types of courage as well as two types of freedom.

Courage and Freedom

Types of Courage:

One: courage based on ignorance and full surrender- here one is not aware what is going on in him and its surrounding and is always blind to his way of being. And if one is also in a complete faith (as a result of his beliefs or an ideology indoctrinated to him), the n this person has “ABSOLUTE COURAGE.”

Two: Courage based on knowledge-this kind of courage is knowledge driven and is always relative. As reasoning is a tool for such kind of person, so as his daily life is.

And parallel to this; one will have complete freedom based on the type of courage he has.

Freedom based on ignorance or absolute surrender is a blessing to the one who owns it. As he is not aware for what is going on outside his world, he will live in absolute peace with himself. The problem comes when he is aware of his ignorance or absolute surrender to the ideology or doctrine followed. And once he is out, the CRAZY world is ready to engulf him to her trap and live in misery.

A freedom obtained through knowledge is relative and once attained, it never dies. And this person knows what is happening (All WH questions are in his way).

Therefore, there are these two types of free people around us. In the first group, OMG, u may get thousands. But are meaningless to us. The second type, rare to get them, may be what I can say…. pls let u think of this people.

Free people based on knowledge and reasoning and courageous enough to give light to the people.

Types of Freedom

There are two types freedoms attained at three stages.

Let’s talk first on the first two: these freedoms are External Freedom and Internal freedom.

External freedom: Is a freedom obtained from any agent that tried to limit the personal well to do. these are freedom from poverty, materialistic, sexual, speech, beliefs, practices, movements, forced or unforced responsibilities, cultures, ignorance, access to information, education etc. If one is free from these, yet another freedom is required and this is the internal freedom.

Internal freedom: is a freedom of the mind and body highly dependent on freedom of thinking, spirituality, and to live with it.

And these freedoms are obtained through three phases or processes.

  1. A desire to be free-internal motive that is generated from the one who wants it.
  2. A struggle to be free- this could be eradicating all the external boundaries either by having them or just ignoring them as owning could have an impact on the final outcome; such as materialistic, sexual and so on.
  3. Owning your freedom. One cannot own a freedom unless he desires it and fight for it. And being conscious for every level attained and blossom. Absolute freedom is not a one day achievement or a one day ceremony. For example Buddha was for 40 yrs in constant meditation under the Buddha tree after he finally reached the enlightenment stage-which can be called an Absolute Freedom. But in these 40 yrs we can imagine how he was living as a free man to reach that level.

By the way Freedom is a not final destiny; it is a journey that one may need to live peacefully, consciously and wisely by having his own definition of life.


Southwest University, Chongqing, China

June 7, 2013

Meditation on June 20

When I see June 20 on a calendar, I remember HOW HARD is to give life to others without any hesitation. My fellow Eritreans cool down and meditate please. Go deep to the suffering of our people and listen the whisper of the Martyrs. Fresh air is still coming from the graveyard of the heroes with a message, 22 times louder, telling still they love us.

65, 000+19, 000 = 84, 000 and many deliberately forgotten Martyrs are still crying. And this is just for FREEDOM of their people and Land. Nothing more!

Let’s reveal the true meaning of our Martyrs? Though late, it is time to speak out and follow the foot prints of the justice sakers.

1961 was the date where our beloved fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters went to give their precious life for Eritrean freedom. All the ups and downs, civil wars, betrayal, and hidden agendas tried to shift the course line, but yet Eritreans and Eritrea are lucky to have such men and women who gave their life for JUSTICE. Sadly, monsters forgot this and became drunk by the blood of our Martyrs. Shame!

Eritreans gave their life, not for power, not for changing culture, not for suppressing religious practices, not to create a new social order, not introducing socialism. They did not give their life for Eritrea to be ruled by Totalitarians, RACISTS, FASCISTS, and DICTATORS.

Eritreans fought to get a land to live, a freedom to live, freedom to worship and maintain the social norms and values. Eritreans fought to have a decent and dynamic life, not a predefined life.

What we see today is different. Families deteriorating, land without a person to work on, ports closed, churches locked, schools without meaning, youths fleeing, youths being tortured in Sinai and being deported by force, a sluggish economy, many more.
Thousands are leaving home because of slavery assuming being a slave outside is better than a slave in their own village, or fallen to the mercy of charities.
Is that what the nation paid for the last 50-60 years?

Why people are not using the resources we have in the sea, why we are not allowed to use our ports, why islands are leased to foreigners, why foreign companies get in favor to exploit our resources, why human trafficking? Why not a right to justice, rule of law? Why an extended slavery?

This is not the vision of our Martyrs.

Our Martyrs did not want us to cry, but rejoice with the FREEDOM they fought for. They didn’t want a drop of tear to come out from all Eritreans. But, when betrayal became a king, TEARS BECAME the way to express the LOST FREEDOM AND MISSION of the Martyrs.

June 20 is a day of meditation, contemplation, to unite against the monsters and bring FREEDOM back to the PEOPLE.

All martyrs know one, at the end FREEDOM is the ultimate TRUTH.

Glory to our Martyrs
Let Justice prevail




The lowest form of human positive existence is PLEASURE. To have pleasure is simple and can be attained even by taking two bottles of high alcohol drink or enjoy with flesh of opposite sex. But, in the contrary, the highest form of human existence is ECSTASY.

What is ECSTASY and how to attain it is different to different people. To attain the level of ecstasy, one has to go through a number of life experiences starting from the lowest form of pleasure. This does not mean that one has to go all one by one, but are included within the life transformations from lowest to highest form. And these are mentioned below;

From pleasure to be pleased
From being pleased to be in peace
From peace to Joy
from joy to Love
If one is full of love, compassion is within
And compassion generates BLESSING
And finally a BLESSED person has highest probability to live ECSTASY.

My brothers and friends, where ever you are, who you are, what you believe or how you believe are all sorts that need to be understood.

Pleasure for some could be a feeling attained through worldly things and for others through communication with their Creator. And starting from this every human being tries to live life in its full blossom, to have peace with oneself and joy experienced for being in peace. Joyfulness is a way to have LOVE and COMPASSION to oneself and the others. Being compassionate unto yourself and then towards others gives the fruit to eat and this is BLESSING and finally the fruit will ripen and one lives in ECSTASY.

All are not a step by step processes or a jump to the highest form without experiencing the other. And they are not totally out of consciousness for one who attains this. Above all, they are not just a gift nor as a result of hard work to have these. Just they are our way; one may attain them or experience part of them.

But the question is are we really conscious on who we are? And what blessing we have?

The best thing is to accept life as it is with all its hardships. There are times of sorrow, times of loss, times of depression, times of losing your beloved brother or sister, family and friends. This is what life is. Should we pray not to see this? of course one reasonable person will say YES, and still the question remains with the other person alive.

I don’t know what I can say, but life is like that, having all extremists. But living in the positive line is better than in the negative: to have life ECSTASY and this is a linear positive growth of ones life.

Destroying your own identity does not mean the same for history

This piece of my post was written in June while I was in China in response to an article written on

( It was a comment given at that time for what I felt about the article. 

My belief is, history is history. If we try it to manupilate according to our wish, then only we miss the wisdom that we could have learnt from it. History is a lesson that we can learn from the past and make a cross check for what we are doing and then predict for the future. If we miss this basic objective of history, the result is the opposite.

Anyway, have your own view on the article, what I wrote is just mine.

It sounds convincing to the wishful thinkers and those who try to put Eritrean history accredited to individuals. Politics has its course and is up to those who can say it according to their will.

In this article, I have learned how a writer can inter-prate available materials to a desired target. Long time I knew history is according to a writer, but when twisted 180 degrees, it makes no sense to a conscious minded reader.

One basic fact missed her. The writer deliberately forgot “THE PEOPLE.” and tried to pin-point the weakest links and associations of the individuals to an imagined or perceived nature baptized to them. If this short-listed, pin-pointed and dimensional article is according to the writers understanding and perception of the available references, it will only serve only an opinion, nothing more, like what today’s drunk puppets are trying to do so.

Before trying to focus on individuals and their motives, the writer could have traced back the socio-geographic make of Eritrean people. Arabism to Eritreans was and is still with strong foundation. But as I read one fact from this article, Political Islam has never being an issue to Eritrean case till 1975 as the writer cleared and this ideology came only after 1970s political developments within the revolutionary fronts when all induldged themselves on fear based domination and recruiting members of like by killing all/ or at most all the PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISTS which still is complicating the Eritrean case.

With great respect and admiration for the writers articulated fictitious decoration, I would like to wait patiently part IV, but it will be just a fanatic article as Eritrean history is not a history of individuals and is not for boastful and the braggart x-revolutionaries nor for history mockers. A history to serve politics lasts not long.

Eritrea is home of braves, heroes and lovers. No matter who and what one did, it is by no means greater than the masses did. Eritrea belongs to the people and all individuals who contributed to the well being of today’s Eritrea are nothing but part of the masses and they did because the mass were willing to do so. And these domains within the given set are nothing but nurtured by the masses. And if these individuals are going to claim their achievements, it is only through the acknowledgement addressed by the masses. In fact, no one can claim for that, except the Martyrs. The said comrades can only be witnesses for what was done. And the history they have is not their own.

You are more than what you have done

Meditiation on life progress and its meaning to me!

(Originally written in 2012, but updated now after additional life experiences with the same message)

Today is the day
The meditiation day
To the gate of the chosen!

Not the end
Just, a reminder
For you
As a person,
From the many
who passed even without saying good-bye
To live beneath,
Not by choice, but, it is!

And now,
The next candidate…

But you can do something
Yes now
To bring your potential
befor putting it beneath
Far from us,

Not to blow out
But to share it,
Tomorrow may be hard
If you don’t share it.

Because still you are more than what you have done!

I am always worried about life asking which one is the wealthiest. Where it is? The natural resources available in the universe, in the banks, any place or in the pockets of the rich people? Can you tell me where it is exactly my dear fellow?

Where is the richness, please? I am asking you to give me the wisedom of richness.

Do you think that it is materialistic? That, you can find it simply on the surface of the earth, below the surface or far away in the universe? where is this wealth? Does any body can know it without knowing himself where this wealth is? Sure somewhere it is.

Just cool down my fellow friend.

Though it may surprise you, the richest deposit on our planet lies just few blocks from your house. If you are living in a closed house, world or self created prison, just I would kindly call you to go out and look around. It is not very far. Just spend some few minutes to walk around. I am sure you will visit, but you can not touch it. You can only look down and see the unseenable. Talk the untalkable. Speak, but don’t wait a response, just speak fast and then stop as long as you can.

Oh sorry, before you reach that place, hope you have started to meditiate and sending your radiation, magnetic radiation and start a reponse from deep within hearing the bib-sound of your heart. Oh my God,.., just here is the place wher such great wealthness just buried with such wise, great, with full of their love and kindness. Let’s contemplate with them and hear their whishper.

Do you know where you are exactly standing, I mean, the address of these people?

You may be a guest to meditiation, just to give you a relaxing music, here is their address…

These people rest in your local cemetery or graveyard. Buried beneath the soil within the walls of those sacred grounds are dreams that never came pass, songs that were never sung, books that were never written, paintings that never filled canvas, ideas that were never shared, visions that never became reality, inventions that were never designed, plans that never went beyond the drawing board of the mind and purposes that were never fulfilled. Our graveyards are filled with potential that remained potential. What a trategy.

Can we call them back or meditiate on them, to learn the wisedom they have within? Can we recall back their dreams and make them happen?

As I walk across the world these days, my heart frequently weeps as I encounter and observe the wasted, broken, disoriented lives of individuals who, years before, were talented, intelligent, aspiring high school classmates. During their youth they had dreams, desires, plans and aspirations. Today they are lost in a maze of substance abuse, alcoholism, purposelessness and poorly chosen friends. Their lives are aimless, their decisions haphazard. This enormous tragedy saddens me. What could have been has become what should have been. The wealth of dreams has been dashed into the poverty of discouragement.

And I see also for those who are beneath the surface. Whom they had great dreams. I contemplate on them whether their dreams can be reached one day and be the witness from where they are? Can they have a chance to come back and tell us what more need to be done? Can they come and tell us their way, the way they dreamt for?

And finally, can we come back to our selves and go on our dreams?

Just to remind you,

Only a minute percentage of the six billion people on this planet will experience a significant portion of their true potential. Are you a candidate for contributing to the wealth of the cemetery? Ask yourself the following questions.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
How much potential do I have?
What am I capable of doing?
By what criteria should I measure my ability?
Who sets the standards?
By what process can I maximize my ability?
What are my limitations?

Within the answers of these questions lies the key to a fulfilled effective life. Then, just go ahead.

In fact, one of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped. Many potentially great men and women never realize it because they do not understand the nature and concept of the potential principle. Only to those with good heart God can give them power to reveal their potential. And they die with full of good heart.

And then, you…

There’s a wealth of potential in you. I know, because My purpose of meditiation is just to help you understand that potential and get it out. You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuabe, potent, untrapped resources locked away within you.

Tes, 28/11/2013, France