Love Physics

Part II

In my first blog, I have tried to introduce you with the main concept of love physics. The basic logic is simply derived from the common fundamental law of physics. based on this, I drew up the application to the life experience that human being always wish to come across. In the gravitational law of attraction, it is stated that two masses separated by a distance D exert a force into each other. If we apply the same principle to love experience of human being, the common and natural love and taking a man has M1 (mass 1) and a woman with M2 (mass 2) and D distance between them, then;

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F = G[M1*M2/D^2]

Where, F = Force of Love
M1 = Mass of man
M2 = Mass of woman
D = Distance between the lovers

G= Gravitation Constant, 6.674×10−11 N m2 kg−2 

(Let’s keep the gravitational constant as it is as it will remain constant in the whole process)


Assumption 1: The distance in between remains constant.

1. If M1 = M2, then, both objects exert equal force of attraction, equal love, a fair love. And sometimes, both may not feel what is going on in between. In this regard, either may miss the chance to fall in love. But, if it happened by chance that both are passionate enough to engage with, a fair and rational love can be developed. Economically, “No comparative advantage” exists in between.

2. If M1 > M2, then, the man will have more force of attraction and the woman will be gravitated towards the man. The man has full control while the woman falls in submission. The man may not love the woman but one thing sure is, the woman is in love with the man. This is a case when a woman is attracted by a man.

3. If M1 < M2, The woman is not in love with the man but the man does.

Assumption 2: When the two masses remain the same but distance in between varies,

1. When distance in between is very close. Here, the force of attraction is very huge. As the force is inversely proportional to the square of the distance in between, the two should maintain a proper distance so that the love affairs they have can be safe enough to keep up to the level required. Suppose, two lovers are almost kissing each other. If you are in love now, just try it. The magnitude of attraction is very huge that something is coming almost out of control, the feelings, emotions of being very close. If someone comes in, sure he/she will be in danger. Better to leave the area free and follow what the force is going into.

2. When the distance in between is far. This is like not seeing each other. In this regard, the force of attraction is very low. And if time increases, the attraction may diminish reaching to zero. Conscience may come in between or the spirit may try to preserve this force as a potential one, hence, potential force. But, it is good only if it s for short time.

Work of love

Work is a product of force and perpendicular distance. Minimum work is required when the two human beings are facing each other. And specially this can be materialized during sex. You know what I mean any way.

Energy of love

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Love Energy is the capacity of a love system to perform work. It exists in several forms such as heat, kinetic or mechanical energy, light, potential energy, electrical, or other forms. This energy is generated in different situations. For example, during kissing. While kissing, the feelings are beyond words. Everything within just melts down. Eyes are closed, sound remains silent except with frequent deep breathing. This deep breathing is a sign of the oxygen exchange and hence burning. At this time, the blood temperature rises and the whole muscles erect. This is the perfect moment of love exchange. The energy here is of all types and everybody responds accordingly.

Power of Love

Power is the quantity work has to do with a force causing a displacement. In this regard, time is considered. The more you close together the more power is required to keep that love healthy. Time is the main factor then. When you give time to your beloved one, when you spend energy for a considerable amount of time, the love grows and it can last longer. When the two objects are closer, definitely the attraction grows. but this attraction can fade away if it is not given enough time. Sometimes, people assume that sex is the ultimate end of being in love. This is a false perception. Just being closer and spending enough time can produce a tremendous love affection. This is what it happens to classmates, this is what it happens to workmates. Couples or lovers sometimes ignore this time factor and become the first eye witness to see their love crushed.

Cost of Love

if we take time as an economic resource, definitely the cost is very huge. Spending more time can be a healthy way of staying in love. But, life is of all dimensions. hence, a comparative advantage must be introduced. All the externalities must be well calculated so that the love affair can just be healthy and consider the other dimensions. One needs to live in an economical well-being, one wants social well-being and more than that one needs Self-being. All theses must be calculated enough so that LOVE is worth enough to experience it.

Introduction to Love Physics ends here. If you want more materials, just search it on your life library. As for me, it is enough here.

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Love Physics

Love is Attraction!

This is a simple phrase that went deep into my creation and exploit what I have gone through my physics courses since high school time. I had a strong passion with physics since 8th grade, 1996. Long time. The passion that I developed was not a gradual but sudden and violent. And this was through the works of my Junior Class Science teacher and later my physics Instructor. The name of the teacher was Mehari, sorry I forgot his father’s name but surely some of my old high school friends who are reading this post can add. In one of his class, he brought kind of mathematical puzzle and gave us as a class exercise. The mathematical equation is as such:

[(L+O)^2 – (L-O)^2]*VE/4

This is a simple form of mathematical equation in which it follows an algebraic expansion of an equation (a+b)^2. Solving this equation gives a simple but beautiful word to hear and an attraction that is generated from deep feelings. Hopefully, by now you have solved the equation or guessed what it is from my description. Am I right to guess so? Why not, it is the word that even by itself equals to the the Almighty, “God,” ‘God is Love’ Mathematically, God = Love.

This is then my initial attachment with this beautiful word and indeed beautiful life experience that all in this universe abides for. 11 years after, I again encountered with this word in another field of science, physics and hence my blog is titled by, “Love Physics.”


Source: Google

If love is attraction and attraction is nothing but a “Force,” then, when we talk about love, we are talking about the force that exists. And, according to gravitational force of attraction, two objects are involved to create a force. Two objects then exert force to each other but the magnitude is dependent on the distance between the objects.

Love physics then deals with such objects involved by not forgetting how far each they are.

Simple meditation through physics. I will be coming with my second part but here stay focused. Great!!!

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Very Interesting English word to Use [Craziness?]

Having time for laughter is a blessing. I was just searching as usual some strange and entertaining youtube videos. At this time is then what I got a beautiful explanation on a single English word, a world that has a lot in our continuity from biological point of view and Unhealthy communication from disciplinary usage. Either way, I found it useful to put the word and how we can use it in our daily English sentences.

You might be wondering what this word is, aren’t you? This word was described by Osho in one of his discourses in a beautiful way. the word is, “FUCK”. The title of the video is, “The most interesting Word in the English Language Today” He said, “One of the most interesting words in the English language today is the word ‘Fuck’ and while discussing it’s usage and meaning, he uses examples. Here it goes then:

Just by its sound, it can describe pain, pleasure, hate and love.

In language, it falls into many grammatical categories.

a. It can be used as verb, both transitive and intransitive

1. As Transitive: “John fucked Mary.”

2. As Intransitive: “Mary was fucked by John.”

b. As a Noun: “Mary is a fine fuck.”

c. As an adjective: “Mary is fucking beautiful.”

Beside the sexual uses, there are also the following use:

A. Ignorance: “Fucked if I know!”

B. Trouble: “I guess I am fucked now!”

C. Fraud: “I got fucked at the used car lot!”

D. Aggression: “Fuck you!”

E. Displeasure: “What the fuck is going on here?

F. Difficulty: “I can’t understand this fucking job!”

G. Incompetence: “He is a fuck-off!”

H.Suspicion: “What the fuck are you doing?”

I. Enjoyment: “I have a fucking good time!”

J. Request: “Get the fuck out of here.”

K. Hostility: “I am going to knock your fucking head off!”

L. Greetings: “How the fuck are you?”

M. Apathy: “Who gives a fuck?”

N. Innovation: “Get a bigger fucking hammer.”

O. Surprise: “Fuck! You scared a shit out of me!”

P. Anxiety: “Today is really fucked!”

And it is very healthy too! If every morning you use it as a transcendental meditation, just when you get up first thing, repeat the mantra: ‘Fuck you’: five times, it clears your throat too!

Reading your face, what I see is a mixed feelings. Just clear your throat, no need alcohol and avoid wondering why I did so.

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Meditation: Talks in Silence

After almost 2 years intense reading and expectations, I got 2 months vacation. In fact they cannot be called vacations as I continued to write, read, discuss and debate on matters that affect my people. Some friends may consider this as outdated, unfashionable and sometimes a naïve. And others may consider it something wonderful yet follow it with suspicion. Very few still could be in doubt what really I am doing. I prefer to take as they are here in my meditation time to stay calm, patient and just observe what is going on within the white cloud.

I accept such views as they are, as if they are like a glass of French wine placed in a dinning table.This is wonderful. What else can I do with this beautiful diversity that I am surrounded with? I want my life to be like that of a white cloud, simply floating some hundred meters high above the ground and drifted with a coming wind. No resistance, no objection. Newton’s Law can sometimes be ignored. Here is then the time of my “MEDITATION” time, A self-talk.

My meditation time needs some new energy, energy of the living soul, whom I have gone through my life journey. In deed, many beautiful men and women are in my life library, the library that I have started to build two decades years ago. The library collection that I have is small but growing fast. Probably it can accommodate up to a level that Plato put it in his book, “The Republic.” Osho, the beautiful master said, “A really alive person is continuously sharing his energy-whatsoever he has-because he knows that the more you share, the more you have.” Sharing is beautiful but when it is because of love. The living love saint of modern days from Latin, Paulo Coelho, has put his wisdom words as such: “Wisdom and experience do not change a man. Time doesn’t change the man. The only thing that change us is love.” I asked who is this man and I went around my library and found Mohandas K. Gandhi who said, “A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.” This is all what “The Secret”booked, “Thought becomes things.”

If what I think becomes things, then, shall I think for today, tomorrow or just spend my time thinking on the past? In search of this secret, I went to my Buddha archive and got a very brief answer. Buddha who was enlightened after spending 40 years meditation sitting under a tree whispered to me by saying, “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” I did not understand till Pope John Paul II arrived in the door steps of my studio yelling, “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” Hearing this I just woke-up, took a shower, brush my already decaying teeth, even no breakfast but drinking simple pure water that cleans my acid residue inside my stomach. I immediately started the job that I love most; thinking, reading, writing and sharing. As Confucius put it, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is wonderful morning advice and as Jesus preached, “Let all that you do be done in love.”

Love abides everything, but love without smile is hard to experience. A morning that started its course with a smile is worth to spread life not only to the one that smiles but to the one who receives. Mother Teresa, a woman of the super human quality once said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” Oh yah, I do not have beautiful teeth to show, but my smile is internal and you can easily read it, if not, just smile, do not spend a single moment without. I will just give you this piece from Nelson Mandela, “We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

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