Where I am heading?

Am I entering into a life that has monotonous and tasteless strata? If it is, It was not my intention but my journey. It was not my schedule but a process. How can then I be moving into a life that I will have a full blessings, a life that I will be fully conscious enough to move on?.

What I am talking about is not a state of confusion but a quest of further enlightenment, a peak where I can see beyond the horizon. The peak that I am talking about is not a physical peak but a peak without limit. A peak that I can fully be free of all dragging forces.

These days, I can visualize hundreds of negative forces seemingly converging at me with different components. I tried to resolve them so that I can have the resultant force which I can be able to drive my directions. Some of them are simple and a linear vector calculation is able to solve but most are of integral form and need higher mathematics. Plus, very few but crucial are of complex type and need higher integration or derivatives. What amazing me is that the component that I am not able to predict from are the complex numbers. Within, time is the source of all these complexion.

Recently, my friends complained for two things and openly criticized me. These are; time mismanagement and failing to make my points clear, concise, brief and short.  I salut them for pressuring me pursue ahead to improve. I, one day, felt nervous actually not because they were wrong but they are courageous enough to tell me my short comings. Actually, I am glad to have them around. To have a mirror of you is not easy.

Then, where I am heading?

Can I learn a new methodology in my outside communication approach. So far, I was deeply engaged within myself. Meditation was my way and so as to build peace within myself. Now, I am entering into a new a career that is calling me to interact with the outside world, my next professional adventure. As a professional, to succeed, all I need is concentration. Concentration might not be helpful as I can imagine but I have to.

Above all, I do not want to purchase happiness; I want it to be sourced from within me. On the other hand, my professional journey will ask me to integrate with outside world, the world that I will be engaging with.

Time, precision, peace, happiness and love are then all a must to cultivate in the near future.

Yes, I can!