My Political Philosophy

Today I am here to drop and emphasize my political approach: I am a pro-humanism. I love human being and I love justice. Within humanity, I love diversity and I dance with in the beauty. I smile every time I see human being when treated as human being. I fight against discrimination and any kind of oppression. My dream is to see human being to be like a white cloud, simply floating and unharmed.

Within humanity, there is everything and I believe for everything there is a way. Just two opposite examples: for those who love peace, everything is white and the rule of law is nature, and for those who live against [peace] there is the rule of law that calls for justice.

And my fight is against those who stand against peace. I am against oppressors, I am against lawless[negative definition – as it can also be positive if nature is the only ruling system] people.

Be them Moslems, Christians, any group within the existing social groups, I love them equally. No minority, no majority. Everyone in this world was born because nature has called. No classification and no politics within this.

I confess, political approach based on classification system of human being is in fact very allergic to me, very allergic. Approaching politics through the windows of Minority-Majority is a disillusioned communist and die-hard bourgeois philosophy. In the world of justice there is only one rule and that is justice .

My assertion is: The time you divide people on minority-majority outlook, justice is lost.. Humanity should be treated as humanity and equal justice should exist* without prejudice.


*I said “exist” because there should not be anything above justice(with the exception of the Creator). I have put this argumentative word to express a philosophical concept of “To be given” as I oppose anyone who tries to give. If there is anything to be given, let it be from God/Allah and may be for some just existence.

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