I dreamt pulling grasses from my mouth: What does it mean?

It was on 05/10/2016, approaximately around 5:00 AM. I slept late and soon after I started dreaming some terrifying dream. The dream I had was:

“Pulling a never ending grasses from my mouth. The grass was dry and I was pulling it using my fingers. I was  not able to finish it. I was feeling some dryness in my mouth when I was taking out the grass and some how thirsty.”

This kind of dream was recurring several times in my dreams. I wanted to know what it means. I searched on google and here is what I found on the internet.

  1. Stuffed / full mouth in dreams – what does that mean (dream interpretation stuffed mouth) – someone asked Stuffed / full mouth in dreamsResponse Given: Dream interpretation of a stuffed/full mouth. A lot of people dream about having a mouth full of food, chewing gum or something else that makes it absolutely impossible to talk, and maybe they even experience the feeling of suffocating. The following is a walkthrough of what dreaming about a stuffed or full mouth can mean.The mouth is a very important organ. It is the place where we consume food (and dispose of food if it is not good for us – i.e. vomit). Dreaming about food is often an image of psychological /mental energy (see this blog post about food in dreams), and the mouth can therefore be a symbol of how we consume and “digest” external experiences, for example an emotional one.To keep pulling something out of the mouth (gum, food or something else) as an image of something that is somewhat uncomfortable which we should dispose/get rid of, or that we currently try to get rid of. You might dream that your mouth is full of a gum-like substance, and that you are constantly trying to pull all the gum out of your mouth, but there keep being something left, and it is like there is no point in trying to pull it out.

    This could symbolize that you have “swallowed”/experienced something unpleasant in your life that you are unconsciously trying to dispose of in your dream. However, because you are not actively doing something about it in your actual life, your subconscious will be filled up by “gum” – that is, the experience or the thoughts that you are ignoring. You might even find that the thoughts or experiences you have “swallowed” have turned into something that is suffocating you because you are not getting rid of it (i.e. talking to someone about it).

    The elements that suffocate you could also be potential lies you have been “fed” as a child, and these can be difficult to get rid of. Maybe the dream thus invites you to look at the “truths” you have in life (your beliefs, and where they come from). Again, the dream might say; you need to deal with this –perhaps you need to talk to somebody about it. See also dreams of strangulation/suffocation.

    Full or blocked mouth as a symbol of not being heard. You can also dream that your mouth is in some way blocked, and that you therefore are prevented from speaking (for example with duct tape, or something else that prevents you from being able to talk). It may simply be a symbol of a general feeling of not being heard or seen, or maybe you have a hard time saying no in certain situations? What kind of a mental duct tape have you put on your mouth? Is it you or someone else who has put it there? You are the only one who can remove it.

    A final alternative interpretation is that your subconscious is trying to tell you that you’ve said enough, and that you need to be quiet.

    2. Dream interpretation / analysis is not always an easy sport, and the best way to know whether you have come up with a meaningful interpretation is that you really feel – deep in your stomach – that this is right for you in your life right now.Source: What could this dream mean about stuff stuck in your mouth?

    Given Response: 

    Let’s take a look at these symbols, you have grass, seeds, and dirt, you need to get them out, and put them somewhere they can grow. You have dirt, a medium for growth, seeds, a potential of growth, and grass, an end result / grown. Sounds like ideas and potentials to me, ideas and potentials that need verbal expression, so you are trying to get them out of your mouth, but it’s a struggle for you. Some form of creative expression, perhaps… It seems like you have a good idea of some kind, and need to communicate it, but you can’t, it’s a struggle, you know what the idea is, but can’t seem to convey it properly, or don’t know how to convey it to the right people so it can take root and grow into something good….Good luck….

    This seems to fully interprate my dreams. I hope I will work for the best of it by working on what I am thinking.


Angers, France

5 thoughts on “I dreamt pulling grasses from my mouth: What does it mean?”

  1. This dream can signify a spiritual blockage that you want to remove or have been trying to fix in your waking life. The grass can symbolize an idea or faulty belief that was planted in your mind, maybe from a young age that has taken root within you. The dream of trying to remove the grass is a metaphor for your spiritual journey. You’re aware or becoming aware of the blockages in your spirit and are taking steps to clear them. Good luck on your journey.


    1. Thank you Bobbye Sloan. It is for the same reason, a journey that I’m still wondering. Your points are a strong add to my attempt for solving the dream that I encountered several times. To my surprise, since I wrote this article, my dream almost gone and almost never experienced since after.


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