Quality Hotel Friends: Shame on you to host conference of a criminal organization

Quality Hotel Friends is hosting a conference organized by a political organization which is committing systematic and widespread crimes against humanity inside and outside Eritrea since 1991(according to UN Human Rights Commission Report of 2015 and 2016). under the cover of Eritrean Cultural Forum conference.

The youth wing, called YPFDJ (similar to the Nazi Youth wing) group is the main organizer of this event which is going from 29/03/2018 – 02/04/2018.

quality hotel trade markQuality Hotel Friends has a responsibility to respect the UN Guiding Principles on Buniness and Human Rights outlined in 2011. Hosting a conference organized by this criminal organization  is either the hotel is in favour of the crimes activity or does not care about crimes against human rights. Either way, Quality Hotel Friends deserves shaming and defamation for failing to conduct due diligence before it accepted the business deal.

Some of the notable criminals who are participating in the conference as main guest speakers are

  1. Yemane Gebreab

Head of Political Affairs and Main Advisor to the president of Eritrea


Yemane Gebreab the founder and foster father of YPFDJ – the Youth wing of PFDJ regime.

2. Zemhret Yohannes

Head of PFDJ Research and Documentation Center

Zemhret nzacki last

Zemheret is one of the main instrumental in diffusing PFDJ ideology. He is the main teacher in the the school run by PFDJ to train its Political Cadres.

Before the opening of this conference, he gave an extensive presentation about PFDJ values and political thinking. 


Some fo the messages sent to the hotel

Hello Dear Quality Hotel Friends,

I am deeply saddned to learn that you are hosting a conference organized by a political organization which is committing crimes against humanity inside and outside Eritrea since 1991.

message to qualityhotelI am a human rights defender and Political activist with a special focus on “Business and Human Rights”.

I thought your organization has great respect to the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. http://www.ohchr.org/Documents/Publications/GuidingPrinciplesBusinessHR_EN.pdf

I am calling you to terminate this conference before we go after your business activity.

I do not want you to put your great trade mark at risk and lose your great fortune.

Thank you for understanding my message.

I am mobilizing the whole Eritrean community to shame and defame your business activity. For us, this organization is a direct extension of crimes against humanity which is going on since 1991.

With regards

Tesfabirhan W. REDIE
Human Rights Defender and Political Activist

Other Messages sent Directly

We Europeans of Eritreans origin and friends of Eritrea condemn the YPFDJ conference in Quality Friends Hotel Solna, Stockholm. YPFDJ is a parcel and organ of the dictatorial regime in Asmara, who is committing crimes against humanity in Eritrea, according UN human right council.
Ref; http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx…

semharPlease make calls send this email to the chain of hotels in Sweden.

Quality Hotel™ Friends
Solna, Sweden 
Phone: +46 8 705 70 00
E-mail q.friends@choice.se

(This one is out target hotel)
Quality Hotel™ Frösö Park
Froson, Sweden 
Phone: +46 63 16 50 00
E-mail q.frosopark@choice.se

Quality Hotel™ Winn Haninge
Haninge, Sweden 
Phone: +46 8 745 75 00
E-mail q.winn.haninge@choice

Quality Hotel™ 11
Gothenburg, Sweden 
Phone: +46 31 779 11 11
Fax: +46 31 779 11 10
E-mail q.11@choice.se

Quality Hotel™ View
Malmo, Sweden 
Phone: +46 40 37 41 00
E-mail q.view@choice.se

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Boycotting the hotel through posters

UN guidelines on business and human rightsquality hotel friendsquality hotel boycott

Church and Politics: The case of Eritrean Orthodox Church in Israel

church and politicsThis is not in a war zone but inside a church as part of building awareness to its followers. Unfortunately, the event is designed by pro-pfdj(Eritrean dictatorial regime) in order to create hate towards Islamic religion.

When a church arranges programs like this, it is not a secret to know what the church is teaching towards other religions. And this is what the Eritrean regime is trying to introduce among Eritreans.

Some news about the heavy cyber campaign which is designed to silence Eritrean dissidents and to isolate Qatar is revealed by Gedab News from awate.

Follow this link please


the video shared from te church is


My Analysis in Tigrigna is provided below

Part I

Part II

Discourse (ብትግርኛ): Nationalism is not for peace and development but for WAR(In Tigrigna)

This is a discourse about nationalism and its negative effect in Eritrea. As a liberal democrat, my argument is, “nationalism is not for peace and development but for WAR”.  And, what Eritrea experienced since its creation is nothing but a strong justification for the negative impact nationalism has brought in Eritrea.

Not only the armed struggle, but also now against the dictatorial regime, Eritreans are using nationalism as an inspiration to fight for their freedom. However, the the freedom envisioned is not coming to reality. It is time to pause and rethink the ideology we are following in order to achieve our goals.

Eritreans are facing gross violation of human rights that amounted to crimes against humanity. And to fight against this, nationalism is not a solution. A political ideology that values human rights is an ideal one to be embraced. As a liberal democrat, I am using the ideology of liberal democracy to fight for my freedom and freedom of Eritreans.

For more, please follow the discourse in Tigrigna,

መስዋእቲ ኣቦና ሓጅ ሙሳን መልእኽቱን

This is all about the Martyrdom of Hajj Mussa, a man who passed away in a brutal prison of PFDJ regime. Hajj Mussa is a hero, a hero of freedom and human rights. He defended the rights of private school which he chaired the School Committee as an elder.

His firm stand for justice and freedom is well recorded in Eritrean history books since the start of the armed struggle, He is a brother to Taha Mohammed Nur, the co-founder of Eritrean Liberation Front in 1961.

Hajji Mussa stood for the freeedom and rights of Eritreans since his early age. He participated by all means to the cause of Eritrea by risking his life. During the Ethiopian rule he was imprisoned several times.

After independence, he served his own community and Eritrea as an elder. He stood strong in his principles. In all public meetings and with government officials, he did not hide his strong voice. He stood for truth and freedom. And what he voiced was all for this dignity.

My take is to remind all Eritreanswhat message we have received from our late father Hajji Mussa. His message is strong and we need to be stronger to continue his message to become reality. Freedom comes at all costs. And NO RIGHTS is given but fought for to earn it.

For more, please follow these links provided below.

1. http://awate.com/nonagenerian-hajji-musa-arrested-in-asmara/

2. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-41832105

3. http://awate.com/dear-son-selaheddin/

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wi_oyubkNFg

5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asSbIDzp0CA

6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YE6z9NQDOE&t=769s

7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93gB5B2YjI4

8, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyxQ9ndzKTw

9. https://www.facebook.com/tesfabirhan.redie/videos/10155807877852354/

10. https://www.facebook.com/tesfabirhan.redie/posts/10155805056712354

11. http://awate.com/unrest-in-asmara-us-state-department-issues-warning/