Pro-PFDJ Eritrean gangsters in Israel verbally and physically abused a renowned Eritrean Human Rights Activist, “John Adina”

on 23/04/2018, John Adina, an Eritrean Human Rights Activist in Israel for the cause of Eritrean Refugees in Israel became a victim of PFDJ gangsters

PFDJ is a a unique and typical totalitarial regime that operates through a network of spy agents and adherents that could do everything to intimidate and silence Eritrean dissidents within and outside Eritrea.

Since 2015, aftet United Nations Human Rights Council’s Commmision of inquiry Rapportage,

PFDJ is accused for its systematic and widespread crimes against humanity since 1991. PFDJ has a strong youth wing supporters(YPFDJ) with its branch in Israel who are engaged in cyber bullying, threats and occasional physical damages.
John Adina became a victim of these gangsters on 23/04/208 after he was stopped by pro-PFDJ. They started to interogate him as it is practiced inside Eritrea by the regime security agents and soon they changed it into physical abuse.
john adina words

According to John Adina words, these Pro-regime Eritreans stopped him in the middle of down town streets frwquented by Eritrean refugees in Israel. After calling, they started to question him about his activities,and for what he shares in his own social media. John Adina pointed out that they brought two issues and asked him why he engaged himself in these activities. These politically motivated and charged accusations are

1. Why he shared East-Afro, a pro-regime youtibe channel in his private facebook page.
2. Why he is raising the issues of Eritreans and Ethiopians who are living along the border

to the public awareness.

According to him, he started to explain them politely what was wrong for doing so unless they didn’t violate individual rights. Immediately, they threatened him with a strong words, “Just count your days. We are coming to you[emphasis mine]. In his words, ኣፉ መሊኡ ድማ በል መዓልትኻ ተጸበይ በለኒ. This is a direct and in person life threatening message which Eritreans experience on daily bases


John Adina was shocked and asked,”what they were saying?”;
physical scars.PNG

Immediately, these gangsters punched him in his face (see the picure) and continued to do so these physical abuse repeatedely. John Adina did not respond accordingly instead he tried not to let these gangsters escape.

It was in the street. and police came and put these criminals under arrest. The police asked Hohn if he wanted them to be arrested and be questioned for what they did;
John Adina wanted these criminals to be arreated. As for today, these criminals are under arrest.
John Adina recalled that there were Eritreans around him. Instead of defending him from the abusers or support their arrest, they begged John to let them be free.
John Adina was shocked by such reactions from Eritreans whom he worked tirelessely for their rights to be respected as Eritreans. He felt that he was betrayed.

This is not unusual phenomenon. PFDJ has been using such mercenaries to silence Eritreans across the world through direct physical confrontation and cyber threats.

I remember my experience in Italy to a a friend of mine. It was in 2014. We were participating in a demonstration held against a festival organiwed by PFDJ in Bologna. Our firiend, who was part of our team who went to Bologna from France, was down town with another Eritrean who used to live in Bologna who has a small business. Our friend went there to meet him. The time they visited the place, PFDJ gangsters were there waiting the business owner. They confroned them physically. The PFDJ gangsters were many in number. Our friend faced a critical head damage(see the photo) and spent the night in a hospital. Italian news papers wrote about the incidence. But the gangsters were not caught.

Such incidences are normal to Eritreans. However, it is very to identify who did it as it done at night time or through a secret network of mercenaries. Many happen in secret and at night. And those who commit such crimes are hard to get first hand proof.
What makes John Adina’s incidence unique is those abusers are caught by police and it happened in the middle of the street where many people were around.
John Adina has been receiving continuous and well organized cyber threats by groups which are affiliciated with the criminal regime. One typical and public threats he encountered was by a group which call themselves Agazian Brotherhood. The founder of this movement is from U.K. He succeed to get followers. Israel is his strong base and even he succeed to get support from some right-wing conservative Israeli politicians. Israeli-parliament discussed about this movement. Later on, the movement conducted a conference in Israel attended by many Isrraelis and Eritreans who follow Agazian ideology.
Though it is hard to create a link between those pro-PFDJ gangsters and waht the Agazian founder preached against John Adina’s incidence, there could be some motive behind to target John Adina.