Why One Nation Movement is not different from YPFDJ Movement? Prove:

This is an extract from my facebook page comment section. It was given by a member of One Nation movement against me. After reading the comment, I felt that it is a typical YPFDJ Cadre reaction towards dissidents. Hence, I am using this as a prove on how much the One Nation Movement members and their political approach is similar to YPFDJ. I do not know the person who wrote these comments but he looks not happy at all for what I am advocating for – peace between the people of Eritrea and Tigray region of Ethiopia, which is similar stand with the PFDJ Cadres.

The Beginning


Did u accept the Mekele Univ Invitation by the TPLF Cadres ?
Sounds like it.

Trying to be another Ayte Amanuel Sahle?

A new born Blenay-


Good luck.

First Zereba then what ?


We welcome any approach for a Peaceful Co-existence between the two neighboring nations and peoples and MUTUAL Regional Integration 

BEYOND THAT, any thing and anyone, that can jeopardize the Eritrean Unity in any form is but a TREASON and a TRAITOR, and he or she should be dealt seriously and swiftly in an UN-ambiguous way !

We will apply the Newahin merrarin Halenghi /Kurmaj EPLF!

Stop repeating and narrating the obsolete centuries old stories and Enda Siwwa Zanta and tsiwitsiway.

Eritrea is an Independent and Sovereign Nation and a UN -member State.

The Tegaru u r trying to cover up for, should first know and accept that fact, then GET OUT from our Sovereign Lands unconditionally and apologize genuinely to Eritreans for what they have done to Eritreans rather than aggravating the “ animosity” they are experts on by attempting to create further havoc and division among Eritreans thru their FAILED, rotten and obsolete region and religion based divisive politics ;then try to live in peace with us as Good Neighbors!

Focus on bringing about a positive change in Eritrea through Unity in Diversity of Eritreans .

It is NOT the time now to talk zanta and tsiwitsiway.

A final word /my opinion on your take:

They are talking facts ,not an EXPIRED zanta !

U r acting and talking like the worst “hypocrite or even a bigot” for calling names, selectively discriminating and giving prescriptions as to who should have a right to talk and who should not!

If few bigots and traitors have a right to insult Eritreans publicly based on their region and religion, the ORIGINAL and GENUINE ERITREANS have a legit RIGHT to express their opinions.

BTW, why don’t u have a courage to call the spade, a spade, about what the SWORN ENEMIES of Eritrea and Eritreans are bluffing about Eritrea and Eritreans negatively day and night ?

It takes two to tango!

They can’t torture us like they have done for the last 20 years and at the same time tell us that we are their brothers —-while STABBING us from behind!

Reconciliation is a two-way-lane,FYI!

We Eritreans have said MERHABA from the get to go by FORGIVING them….. but they have abused our peaceful approach as a weakness!

( Hamashenay Asha??)

Can u equally address them like you are finger pointing at your own people?
Not only that, you should CONDEMN and DESPISE them, not just their evil deeds and agenda !

The End!!!