Jawar Mohamed condemns Issaias Afewerqi’s meddling in Ethiopia’s internal politics

On 23/02/2020; Jawar Mohamed, a rewonded Ethiopian political activist and now a politician, wrote a statement to condemn Eritrean ruling president, Dictator Isaias Afewerqi in response to the an extended interview Isaias conducted with Eritrean TV channel. In the interview, the dictator clearly stated he will play a direct role in Ethiopian ongoing reform politics. It is in this regard that Jawar did the response.


“It’s interesting to see that some of our Eritrean brothers are uncomfortable about the critical response we gave to President Isaias Afworki’s uncalled for statement about Ethiopia’s federalism. The fact is it’s not that we have anything against the people of Eritrea, it is that the president opted to belittle a system despite the fact that it was what had single handedly brought the 30 year liberation war for Eritrea’s independence to a glorious end.

Our issues with his statement isn’t also because it interfered in Ethiopia’s sovereignty – which is unbecoming of a healthy diplomacy anyway – but it undermined the bitter struggle and the heavy price our Eritrean brothers and sisters paid for with their lives and limbs.

What is more, he did so thinking he could upset and offset TPLF. But he failed to understand the bare minimum here, which is that sustaining a lasting and peaceful sovereignty for the state of Eritrea, and respecting the dignity of its proud people is above and beyond upsetting and offsetting a single political party and its spectacular failure in keeping the promises of the bitter struggle for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

President Isaias should also understand that Ethiopia is not just TPLF, nor will a peaceful Eritrea equivalent to his extended reign in power and his opinions. Beyond the vindictive politics of a few individuals, the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea have enough will and power to continue safeguarding what is in their best interest.

The sooner president Isaias comes to terms with this glaring fact the better for us all!”

End of quote.