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Voice of Liberal Democrats: Why Liberal Democracy is the best option for Eritrea and Eritreans? (Part I)

It is not a surprise if I can claim that I am the first Eritrean who is openly advocating for Liberal Democracy political philosophy to reign over Eritrea and Eritrean mindset by replacing the most barbaric, totalitarian and inhumane political ideology of PFDJ.

I am also a self-proclaimed Liberal Democrat who is working to inject Liberal democratic values in the Eritrean political landscape and gradually to be the strong foundational guiding principles of Eritrean democratic state.

I came a long way to claim Liberal Democracy to be my political guidelines after years of struggle with my mind to liberate from PFDJ imposed mindset. It is no wonder that I started my public political activism by writing a series of three articles that focus on PFDJ political ideology and PFDJites mindset. These articles were published at in the year of 2014 and can be found here:

  1. Rule of the Jungle and a Quest of PFDJ Mindset(Part I)
  2. Rule of the Jungle and a Quest of PFDJ Mindset (Part II)
  3. Rule of the Jungle and my Quest to PFDJ Mindset (Part III)

These articles are produced based on my own experiences under the PFDJ Regime. And from 2014 until 2016, I spent my time and energy fighting against PFDJ political thinking through a fearless argument now documented in Disqus.  Most of the arguments were trying to expose how PFDJ systems work. My argument was centered on demolishing PFDJ as a system.

But there was one missing element, the element that I had no idea but a wish. Many people including myself were asking, “how to demolish it and what tools we have to replace it?” Some people were constantly pushing the strategy that we have to weed-out PFDJ and replace with one that can fulfill our long march to freedom.

I was not in hurry to propose a strategy. My argument was, to have an effective strategy we need a strong political ideology otherwise it will be the reformation of the system without destroying the ideology.” My reasoning was:

  • Activities/events come from projects
  • Projects come from Programs
  • Programs come from Strategies
  • Strategies come from policies.
  • Strategy comes from plans
  • Plans come from policies
  • Policies come from objectives
  • objectives come from goals
  • Goals come from missions
  • The mission comes from Vision
  • VISION comes from an IDEOLOGY
  • IDEOLOGY comes from a philosophy(political).
  • And Philosophy comes from Human Being.


After framing my thinking in this clear way, I went on contemplating what political philosophy should I comes with so that I can have a clear vision about Eritrea. By doing so, after more than three years of reading and contemplating, I finally met face to face with Liberal Democracy.

Barak Obama has lots of impacts to come out with political thinking. And later on, it during the French 2017 Presidential campaign that I came to know what liberal values are through the hard-fought campaign of Emmanuel Macron. Readings about the French revolution and its 1789 declaration of Human and Citizen Rights and well as the UN 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights have also profoundly shaped my thoughts to center my political thinking on Human Being. 

Now, I am the first Eritrean Liberal Democrat.

To introduce you why I have embraced Liberal Democracy as my political philosophy and why I believe it is the best option we have to liberate Eritrea and Eritreans from the chains of PFDJ Ideology and nationalistic mindset of most Eritreans, I will try to develop it fully in the next to be published articles.

Voice of the self-proclaimed Liberal Democrat