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Eulogy for Gallant Freedom Fighter: Tesfay Tekle Presented in Radio Jahray and other Social Media Outlets

Tesfay Tekle in eritrean news paperTesfay Tekle was an inspirational leader to many young students of the 1960s. He was the main instrument in organizing meetings, recruiting and agitating for the armed struggle.

Later he joined Eritrean liberation Front(ELF – 2nd Division) and became the leading figure by representing his division in many high level meetings.

During the Congress of Adobha(1969), he was elected to be member of the General Command (38 im total) which was created by dissolving the 3-men dominated ELF supreme Leader that was controlling ELF from Cairo.

After the eatablishement of the Field based General Command, Tesfay Tekle and two other high rank members of ELF started their official foreign mission. They visited Iraq and Syria.

Though Tesfay Tekle and his comrades were warmly welcomed in Iraq, Syrian security Agents did not wabt them to be welcomed by the Syrian government. This happened because of the strong link of the Supreme Leaders and Syrian Security forces.

Later, Tesfay Tekle was also elected as member of the ELF-RC(ELF – Revolutionary Council) which constituted 75 memberd. ELF-RC was tge highest body of ELF which was leading all actvities of the revolution lead by ELF. ELF-RC is continuing to exist until today though most of its members are scaterred among different political groups which are fighting against the PFDJ regime of asmara.

Tesfay Tekle was among those ELF members who left Eritrea after EPLF won the Civil war that broke out between EPLF and ELF and later ended in favour of EPLF in 1981.

Tesfay Tekle and his comrades first started to re-orgabize in Sudan but they found it difficult as power grabbing continued to weaken among ELF-RC. ELF – RC members like Melake Tekle were assassinated. Tesfay Tekle was believed to witness this assassination that was carried out by Security Agents of ELF.

Tesfay Tesfay later left Sudan to Holland. After independencd, Tesfay Tekle decided to return back to Eritrea and participate in nation building. Though he was aware of the difficulties that he might encounter in Eritrea, he made his decision since he believed to free Eritrea from Ethiopia was his sole objective that late him join the armed struggle.

Since 1992, he took low level public offices and worked in all areas at a maximum dedication and excellence.

His works in Keren City(2nd largest city of Eritrea). The infrastructure developments that have changed Keren and its environs are the outcome of his works.

Some of his notable initiates and accomplished works include

1. Keren town asphalt works that has changed the city to have modest outlook.
2. Drainage system of the city center.
3. Grand Mosque – constructed from marble stones.
4. Keren Cathedral(Catholic Church) – which is under construction.
5. Dozens of Soil and water conservation projects that were aimed at protecting soil erosion and enrich underground water.
6. Sub-surface dam – first and unique in its type – a very successful water project that was constructed using new technology. The dam gas now given full guarantee to the water demand of the only privately run(owned by Catholic Church) Agricultural Vocatioal School that is aimed to train experts in Agriculture.

Some of his initiatives but not completed projects include

Water Supply System to Keren City. This project was almost about to start. The design is complete and a fund(452 million Dolar) was ready. In 2006, the project was cancelled by the office of the President of Eritrea and till today, nothing is done.

At the same time, Tesfay Tekle was removed from his post from Anseba region and sent to Northern Red Sea Zone. From 2006 until his death(30/07/2018), he was working there while residing in Massawa.

Tesfay Tekle is passionate about youth and educated people. He loves to spend his time diacussing with young people and share gis experiences.

Though I had no direct contact, my classmates(Agricultural Engineers) who worked in his office and who got a chance to be mentored by him were sharing with me who he was. I was eager to meet him but I had no chance to do it.

Another person who happen to work with him closely has recently contacted me. The man whose name is Yohannes Mehari has many to tell about Tesfay Tekle.

I am very eager to collect more about Tesfay Tekle and share it with the public.

Tesfay Tekle was born in Ederba – a smal vilage found in Keren. He studied in Keren and later in Asmara before he joined ELF in 1966.

Tesfay Tekle was married and a father of 3. He spent most of his life time away from his family for the cause of the country he dedicated since his young age.

My condolence to his family and close friends.
May he Rest In Peace.

Tesfabirhan ZAULETAY
Eritrean Liberal Democrat

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