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Rule of the Jungle and my Search to it

Part III

My reflections on Part II

Non-intervention! What does this exactly mean to PFDJ system of politic? When they diffuse their political propagandas, they use the term called, “National Sovereignty and we are the master of our politics.  Let’s see how Juche ideology states this:

Juche ideology asserts that every state has the right of self-determination in order to secure the happiness and prosperity of its people as it best sees fit. These political tenets – equal sovereignty and non-intervention – would satisfy the fierce desire for respect and security of a small and weak nation-state such as North Korea.”

There are two points mentioned here; “Equal sovereignty and non-intervention.”As a matter of fact, EPLF formed a strategic mutual friendship with TPLF throughout the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Though it can be seen as the right political game, the TPLF had their own objective when they started the revolution. But, EPLF intervened in this objective which forced them to change from self-determination into abolition of the oppressor in Ethiopia. This intervention had resulted many tensions between the two revolutionaries in the early 1980’s.

worse to this, the political complexity of the horn of Africa was and is one of the most complex developments to draw a scientific analysis because of such interventions. EPLF and now PFDJ had intervened and is still intervening in almost all conflicts in the east and sub-saharan African countries. The Somali case, the Chad case, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djoubiti, Yemen,Congo, etc.

I mentioned these countries because I heard a firsthand testimony from Yemane Gebreab, the head of political affairs of PFDJ in 2008, while he was teaching us in the cadre school of Nakfa. I never imagined before such direct and very far reached interventions was involved by this ruling regime. He brought this because he was explaining the political developments in the horn of Africa and the way they see it.

From his words, Yemane spent one month in Chad to see and analyze how the Darfur case was running and what possible means can be done to intervene in the conflict resolution. Wow, how interesting! Yemane, the political leader, spending one month in Chad. This is just from his own words.

The Darfur rebels were having direct contact with the PFDJ ruling elites to get help. But, an unofficial visit, and creating chaos in the region! How bad is this?

I remember those days with high conflicts in Chad, and tensions between Sudan and the Chadian government. Can you draw easily a link from such interventions?

And worse, Abdela Jabir, the x-orgnanizational affairs of PFDJ was representing Eritrea in the peace talksof Abuja between Darfur rebels and the Sudan’s government. Only Eritrea opposed the agreement reached on that time. This was just a concurrent lectures delivered to us by those ruling elites of the PFDJ. One participating in the ground, in intermingling the issues and another sitting on the table saying, “NO to agreement!” What a satanic mission is this. Why don’t the Darfur and the Sudan’s people solve their case themselves, if you are rejecting any intervention on your own case? And how far you are going to intervene?

See, the information media was talking day and night on the conflict in Chad, Darfur and Sudan at large. Yemane was there personally for one month in Chad and Abdela Jabir on the table, the diplomatic media to decide the future fate of other people.

Can you draw the line? The mass-media raising the issue, direct involvement and then sitting table to decide on behave of the others. Simple!

This is how the tyranny regime in Asmara works in his policy of non-intervention. Kkkkkkk.

And worse, Eritrea is considered as member of neutral countries, “shara zeybilen hagerat” How can this be?

Many examples can be listed: Eritrean intervention in Somalia by saying a historical friendship, Eritrean intervention in Sudan (Sudan and South Sudan now, in intervention that lead the division of grand Sudan, Sudanese central government and eastern Sudan intervention- the asmara peace talks, Sudan and Chad, Sudan and Darfur case), Ethiopia (The list is many, may be I will leave you to search by your own, but just to give you a recent example, the Demhit case), which I personally saw their camp in Tessenai, in Wedi-Leges’s farm land), in Assab, the Afar opposing Ethiopia, May-7 the list is endless.

I can conclude that, if the media is bringing any conflict news, then, there is intervention. I can justify my conclusion in a number of ways, but please do your own search also.Information can be just searched and sure you will have it.

In this regard then, the PFDJ has failed to follow the concept of “Social Justice” in which they claim that they follow it. But rather, they have a Maoist mentality in this regard. “Killing your enemy by his own weapon and to do this trying all your best to make it happen!”

But unlike going to others, the PFDJ remained closed in himself and this made him one of the most secretive tyranny in the world. The Juche ideology is furtehrly analysed as,

According to Juche as interpreted by the DPRK, yielding to foreign pressure or tolerating foreign intervention would make it impossible to maintain chaju, or the defense of national independence and sovereignty. This in turn would threaten the nation’s ability to defend the interests of the people, since political independence is seen as being absolutely critical for economic self- sustenance and military self-defense.

This is what is exactly happening domestically inside PFDJ political line. Closing everything by imaginary, illusionary or false proportions of threats. The cold-war psychology a self created imaginary enemy. Is it a left-out of the old Soviet-Union strategy? Or just a carbon copy of North Korean way of handling their own case.

Regarding the economic independence, (as it is called Charip), Juche says;

An independent and self-sufficient national economy is necessary both in order to secure political integrity and to achieve national prosperity.

And it continues,

Kim II Sung feared that economic dependence on foreign aid would render the state a political satellite of other countries.

What a clear coincidence is. When NGO’s were expelled from Eritrea, the reason given was exactly what Kim II Sung said it 20 or more years before. Is PFDJ acting as a puppet? We were told and still are being preached in a way so that our mind will consider those international organizations are only a means of surveillance. How much is the innocence to this approach?

 I am not in favor of foreign aid, but, when I fail to help myself, it is not a crime someone to come and help me. The notion NGO-by itself stands for non-governmental organizations, but they do governmental jobs. They help the people or country in need in different ways. And no one can deny such great contributions in the world history and even in the Eritrean war to independence;

let’s come and look how the government ministries were so dependent on NGO’s and international funds. The so called governmental ministries which were highly dependent on such funds and helps of NGOs’ are Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Minsitry of Fisheries and Minsitry of education. The rest were just working at a very small scale. And it is hard to trace the damage caused when funds that comes from international organizations. But since the ministries such as ministry of Health were so dependent on these funds, their existence became into question. Worse is, all the structures were formed in such a way that they were direct beneficiaries of NGO’s. I can say, it was just like a blood for their proper functioning. And more, the heart was with the NGO’s.

See now, those NGO’s own the heart and have the blood with them. If these two are removed then, how can you replace them. You might install an artificial heart and this where the PFDJ came-in after 2004. You know the consequence. Just I remember my many friends remained idle after many projects were cancelled because of their direct funds from these groups. Guerilla is really a guerilla. I remember these days they rushed to Asmara from Sahel. Leaving all the infrastructures behind and never going back.

In a normal life, there is always away out from the life that you were living. You can’t just escape, and if you escape, the consequence will not be easy and that is what we have for the last 10 years.

The Juche continues as

Independent food production was seen as being of particular significance because successful farming would provide the people with stabilized living conditions and means to independently support themselves.

Food security!as an agricultural expert, I have seen the hollow preaches and the way this policy was implemented. I taught for six years in the only existing agricultural college in Eritrea, Agricultural college of Hamelmalo. I believe that students which graduate from this were capable enough at least to run the transitional food security projects. But in the ground, it is so hollow. Imagine, in Sub-Zoba Keren, branch office of the ministry of Agriculture, 90 staffs members were stranded in just three rooms, each room not greater than 4 by 5 m, 20 m2. No labs, no computer, no clear project. They have to come, sign and leave. All of them, except the head officer, have a 12+, I said plus, because recently many graduates are coming with basic technical skills from Sawa and hagaz technical schools. The head officer is just bTemekro diyom ziblwo.

I just mentioned this, but everywhere, it is the same. Then how can you secure food? When the cabale intellectuals have no place even to sit and think.

I will letter discuss in detail on the agricultural policies and the way it is implemented, but, I said, it is just hollow.

…. to be Continues


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