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FEAR and its Impact on Politics

On March 14, 2014, a face book friend asked to his friends a question that he wanted to know the root cause of division among the Eritrean opposition groups. His question goes like this;


  • I just want to bring this to the table for a discussion. The Eritrean politics norm of regionalism and religion to some extent became the point of separation and mistrust among us. As to my observation the reasons of all separations of organizations and formation of new organizations is either the first ( most probably regionalism) or the second ( religion ). Let me try to give examples EYSC to EYSC NA and EYSC global, and now the new born EMC out of EYSNS, not only that the partial reunion of EYSC NA with EYSNS and the recent cooperation of EYSC global, MDHR, and EMC? does this have some regional profiling? what would be the solution? “ሐባኢኩስሉሐባኢፈውሱስለዝኮነብኽብረትክንዘራረብንክንረዳዳእንይዕዲም” if there is any wrong information in my post i am ready to stay corrected.”

As Tes, most of the time I prefers to think beyond the things that we see. I am not worried about political divisions, but I worry if I did not see the divisions. But to be more frank, my worriness is very limited. Because, if I worry a lot, I will be just murmurer or full of fear based on uncertainity, [meskorkeri, mestemaseli, ferah]. Rather, I like to think the way we are going

Anyway, I do not want you to go through today across a long reflections on what I think, I want to share what I wrote as a response of the topic.

Note: My dear friends, many also put their view on this topic, but I am just putting my views, hence, if there is any break in between, then, it means there exist a post in between by others.

Here is my views;

DIA by himself is the product of these diseases. It was fear of power grip, fear of division ([but dividing himself], fear of religion, fear of regionalism, fear of failure, fear of knowledge, fear of smartness, fear of handling power, fear of justice, fear of prosperity, fear of information, fear of freedom, fear of….

All are FEAR results.

Fear as Social enemy: Why Does Fear Override Hope in Societies Engulfed by Intractable Conflict, as It Does in the Israeli Society?

I would like you to read how fear controls the society and then a possible solution to outcome from this great enemy of success.


Our enemy is FEAR.

If you fear, you look for a hiding place, YES, regionalism, religion, nationalism, Eritreanism, what to say, all terms cover the main root. And these act as temporal safe place. Yet, the root cause exist within it.

EPLF did not give power to the people in 1991, and this is because of FEAR, fear that they may loss benefits.

PFDJ came as the only ruling regime, because they feared political conflict. And for this pfdj designed a totalitarian system. And here is what all face the suffereing. [Remember], even the political conflict and civil wars of the 1970s and 1980s was mainly because of FEAR.  Please, read THE EPLF MANIFESTO OF 1971, {Nihnan Elamanan}, you will see how the EPLF came, it is because of FEAR.

And now, yes, still it exists. But, it is good to see some POSITIVE MOVE TODAY, SINCE 2012, THERE IS A BIG CHANGE IN OVERCOMING THE FEAR. But, yes, some opportunists are using the already existed FEAR to fulfil their EGO, but soon they will vanish.

Regarding the existence of differences;

Yes difference exist, difference that originated with our natural way of living. I believe that diversity is beauty, see across the globe, we are all different. Then, should we fear this difference? No! What we should not fear is, the presence of this difference, but to reject its existence. Shabia feared the presence of the differences and hulted it by coercive and declared “One People, One heart.” It is a chamilion slogan which tried to cover-up the difference.

But now, everybody is saying, “LETS accept our DIVERENCE, as far we are from the same nation and want justice equally” UNITY IN DIVERSITY. That is a great message.

If we go much deeper, we have;

Diversity in ideology,
Diversity in religion,
Diversity in land,
Diversity in colour,
Diversity in education,
Diversity in region,
Diversity in fighting approach,
Diversity in history,
Diversity in wealth,
Diversity in philosophy
Diversity in politics
Diversity in basic needs
Diversity in food
Diversity in sexual desire
Diversity in culture
Diversity in language
Diversity in the way we dress
Diversity in our skills
Diversity in our dreams
Diversity in our way of belief practices
Diversity in heroism
Diversity in the way we greet
Diversity in the way we kiss to our loved ones
Diversity in access to technology
Diversity in conflict resolution, … etc.

Above all, each one is UNIQUE on his own way.

Let’s remember our history of the 1940’s; EVEN our forefathers were saying, ASLAMNA KRISTIANA and many more. They accepted their differences and called for unity of ERITREAN PEOPLE, not for homogeneity, but as a country.

I read a notice recently that Tesfay Temnewo and Dr. Mustafa will conduct a discussion under the theme of “Unity in Diversity.” that is very blessed program.

We should not reject the existence of something, but, at the same time, we should now what diversity is. But, regarding the knowledge, every Eritrean knows. The question is, how to use this knowledge. In philosophical terms, we have two clear lines, “KNOWLEDGE” and ‘KNOWING”

Everybody knows up to his own level of knowledge, but, this does not mean that everyone who knows is to the level of KNOWING.

Through knowledge, we become conscious and through consciousness, we acquire WISDOM. Let’s use our knowledge to be conscious, and this consciousness will lead us to WISDOM and through wisdom, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, MATURED DECISION, HARMONY, PEACE, and WEALTH, [ADD MORE PLEASE] will prevail. And that is what we call “”JUSTICE”

to conclude, ‘Let’s not reject our differences, let’s ACCEPT it. Only through ACCEPTING peace will prevail. If we do not accept the difference that existed, that exist and that will exist, then we will be conquered by FEARS of not to exist when it is already existing.

Therefore, let’s accept our differences and say, UNITY IN DIVERSITY. I mean, we are all with our differences.