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The wronged and failed Social Engineer of the 21th Century

The wronged and failed Social Engineer of the 21th Century.

Telling the people how a house can be renewed.

DIA on mass media giving a wrong lecture.

According to his say, “A house is constructed starting from the base.” Sure!

And, to maintain a house, he continued to lecture, in fact a wrong lecture, “you start from the base.”

I never heard or seen a house is maintained starting from from the base, except, only if it is already collapsed, indeed, PFDJ is a collapsed regime.

In construction engineering, DESIGN starts from TOP, and construction starts from base/foundation, and finally finishing starts from TOP and ends TO THE BASE. And if maintenance is needed, then, you also START from TOP and END TO THE BASE.

The logic is simple and clear; if the TOP part is well maintained, then it can no more spoil the base. But, what ever maintaince you did at the base, if the TOP PART is dirty or ruined one, then, it will spoil the base.

Think of a simple roof. If it leaks water when there is rain, or in the desert area, when, it can not give you a shelter, but, yet you have the walls, then what is the solution? Should you maintain the foundation, the floor, the wall openings? Or, you first maintain the roof cover?

And, if you are finishing, for example, painting, or decoration, then, from where do you start?

Yes, I am not surprised in fact, because, he did not complete his engineering course, and he did not learn the design principles and coonstruction systems.

Poor DIA,  I feel sorry for his ignorance!

A disillusioned social engineer of the 21C!

Watch his say starting from 6:30 on wards minutes of this video pls.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-7BeiNjTvQ — in Massawa,